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Welcome to the Irish Famine Eviction Project

The aim of this project is to document, where possible, evidence of eviction during the years of the Great Irish Famine. In this respect it is hoped to include details such as the physical location, landlords name, tenants names (where cited) and other relevant information in relation to the eviction. This information will help towards understanding the local experience of removing people from the land during the Great Famine.

The Irish Famine Eviction Project’s coordinator is Dr. Ciarán Reilly , one of Ireland’s leading researchers in the area of the Great Irish Famine and Ireland’s historic houses and estates.  A member of the International Network of Irish Famine Studies, in 2014 Dr Reilly published two monographs, The Irish Land Agent, 1830-1860: the case of King’s County and Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine.

To date over 400 eviction sites have been located and details logged to our Eviction map:

Famine Eviction locations

This project is the first of kind and we are hoping to gather information from any source that may lead to finding new eviction sites or new details relating to known eviction sites.  You can submit your information or contact us via  email or twitter below.


Have you information on eviction during the Great Irish Famine? If so please get in touch.

Email: famineeviction@gmail.com

Twitter: @FamineEviction

The Irish Famine Eviction project has located over 400 sites. Use our map below to see the locations and details for each site.

Your information may hold the key to finding new eviction sites. You can contact the Irish Famine Eviction project via email or twitter below:

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