Who were the evictees?

Who were the evictees?

One of the chief aims of this project is to ascertain how eviction impacted local communities during the Great Famine. Using a case study approach, over the coming weeks we will examine a number of communities which were affected by eviction. The eviction map (see https://irishfamineeviction.wordpress.com/eviction-map) provides a listing of where individuals and families were evicted from. Here are some of the families listed as having been evicted during the Great Famine.

From Magheracloone, county Monaghan in 1852: Peter McEntegart, Jane McEntegart, Peter Connolly and Alice Rafferty

From Toomevara, county Tipperary in 1852: John Donohue, Winifred Nagle, Patrick Nagle, Joan Bevins, Patrick Ryan and Michael Tracey

From Lord Anglesey’s estate at Carlingford, county Louth in May 1851: Owen Rice, Sarah Rice, Thomas M. Pollan, Felix McCann, Pat Feran, Mary Rafferty, Pat Magee, Richard Rafferty, Anne Rafferty, Terence Hanlon, P. Hanlon, Margaret Donnelly, Pat Toner, Mary Reilly, Hugh Reilly, Judith Hanlon, James McCourt, Pat McCann, Pat McCann jun., James Maginnis, John Long. Pat Morgan, Peter Maguire, Pat McNamee, Laurence Rogan, Judith O’Neale, Nelson Larkin, Michael Maguire, Peter Maguire, Judith Maguire, Alice Rice, Andrew McGreehan, Owen McGreehan, Philip Reilly, Neal Kelly, James McPartlan, Anne Murphy, John Johnston, John Grills, Owen McGeone, James McGeone, Henry Donnelly, Owen Rice, Patrick McCann, Patrick McCann jun., Peter McCann, Bridget Kelly, Catherine Kelly, Thomas Marley, Francis McGeone, Rowland Rice, James Marley, Peter Marley, Hugh Feran, Patrick Feran, Peter Feran, Owen Marley, Catherine Marley, Alice Rice, James Marley, Rose Marley, Owen McManus, Owen Magian, James Hagan, Matthew Hagan, Laurance Feran, John O’Neill, Hugh Quinn, Mary McEleavy, James McEleavy, Hugh McEleavy and Patrick Gray.

Later that year Hugh Reilly, Nicholas Crilly, Andrew Mangrane, Hugh Genoe, John McCourt and Thomas McCourt were also evicted from the estate.

From near Carrickmacross & Cormoy, Donamoyne in county Monaghan in 1851: Patrick Garvey, Peter Cassidy, Jas. Cassidy, Fergus Cassidy, Charles Cassidy and Anne Cassidy

From Lord Templeton’s estate, county Monaghan in 1851: David McBirney (8 persons), William Gray (14 persons), M. Caraher (8 persons), Peter Mackin (6 persons), Pat Grenan (4 persons), Widow Caraher (8 persons), Patrick Caraher (7 persons), Peter Caraher (11 persons), Philip Caraher (3 persons), John Caraher (3 persons), Richard Mooney (10 persons), John Duffy (4 persons), John Devlin (10 persons), Bernard Meehan (8 persons), Pat O’Hare (7 persons), Michael O’Hare (6 persons), Hugh Caraher (8 persons), Pat Duffy (4 persons), John Halpenny (4 persons), Francis Halpenny (5 persons), James Largey (6 persons), William Boyde (6 persons)       , William McLoughlin (6 persons), John McLoughlin (5 persons), Michael Hughes (4 persons), Jane Wilks (5 persons), Mary Wilks (3 persons), Walter McLoughlin (6 persons), John McCullagh (4 persons), Anthony Murphy (8 persons), John Wright (7 persons) and M. McCarden (10 persons).

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