Eviction from Ballyduneen, Clare

Of course the process of eviction did not end on the day a family was removed. Eviction had far reaching consequences with long-standing close communities devastated and people being scattered across the globe as a result. Alan Jones has contributed information relating to his ancestors, John Carmody and family who left Ballyduneen, County Clare for New South Wales in 1851. The Carmodys were tenants on the estate of William Studdert of  Thornberry Lodge. The evictions took place on 12 May 1849 and from a small community (63 inhabited houses, per the 1841 census) included the following families:


(Courtesy of Clare County Library)

For further information see Alan Jones, ‘From the Carmodys of Kilmihil to the Mulligans of Muswellbrook’ (Thesis submitted to The Society of Australian Genealogists, in relation to Diploma in Family Historical Studies, 2013).


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