Irish Famine Eviction Project Update (Feb 2017)

The new year has seen the Irish Famine Eviction Project busy updating the Eviction Map (see ) which when it went live in late 2016 had almost 500 sites of eviction recorded. A revised map will shortly be in place bringing this number to close to 800.

We now have over 450 subscribers to the IFEP mailchimp list who will receive updates of the project via a newsletter. In addition the projects twitter page- @famineeviction now has over 400 followers and the almost daily tweets (see example below) are proving very popular and creating debate.


Watch out for a number of talks in 2017 which will feature the Irish Famine Eviction Project including one by Dr Ciarán Reilly , ‘The geography and nature of Irish  Famine eviction’, at Queens University Belfast in April.

Do you have any knowledge of Famine related evictions? If so please get in contact (Twitter: @famineeviction or email

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