Genealogy and the Irish Famine Eviction Project

cover_640x360With over 60 regional and national newspapers now available on the Irish Newspaper Archive website ( ) there exists the potential to examine in great detail the lived experiences of individuals, families and the wider community during the Great Famine. It is no secret that family historians, genealogists and others are often left frustrated by the lack of information pertaining to the Great Famine and before where only fragmentary evidence allows them to piece together individual stories. Over the past ten months or so as data has been collected and collated a staggering amount of information has been thrown up in relation to eviction and genealogy. In many instances newspaper reports carry the names and numbers of the evicted. Over the next few weeks we will post details of many of these families who are mentioned in the hope that more information can be other obtained about them or that in the very least these snippets will add to the overall genealogy jigsaw.

Described in the newspaper as being located on the Old Cork Road/Glen, Charleville, Cork, in Jul 1847 the eviction of fifty-eight families on the earl of Cork’s estate was widely publicised. It must have been a scene of utter devastation as these people moved along the road on the day of the eviction. Where did they go? How many died enroute to or in the workhouse? How many emigrated? How many were reinstated or took on larger holdings, thriving in the post-Famine period? Some family units consisted of thirteen and fourteen people, in some cases higher, while they also included the aptly named ‘John Poor’. Fifty-six of these families are below. Can you add anything to these famine experiences? If so contact us at or on twitter @famineeviction

Patt Reagan (7 persons)
Sandy O’Keeffe (9 persons)
Patt Sullivan (9 persons)
Daniel Brine (8 persons)
Pat Malone (8 persons)
Michael King (8 persons)
Michae Neal (12 persons)
Widow Kelly (3 persons)
Thomas Lane (4 persons)
William Sullivan (5 persons)
Widow Grady (11 persons)
Patt Galvin (9 persons)
Michael Dorney (5 persons)
David Leeny (7 persons)
John Corbett (8 persons)
Widow Reidy (7 persons)
John Harrigan (13 persons)
Widow Connors (19 persons)
James Grady (7 persons)
James Grady (9 persons)
Henry Garvan (9 persons)
Jeremiah Day (14 persons)
John Coghlan (19 persons)
John Poor (5 persons)
Edmond Quin (6 persons)
Maurice Power (16 persons)
William Kealar (6 persons)
Widow Purtill (7 persons)
Widow Moore (8 persons)
John Connell (3 persons)
Timothy Sullivan (9 persons)
Michael Sweeny (6 persons)
John Sheahan (7 persons)
Michael Quin (13 persons)
Patt Murphy (4 persons)
Redmond Kirby (4 persons)
William Anster (4 persons)
Patt McNamara (3 persons)
Daniel Anster (5 people)
Widow Connell (4 persons)
John Collins (4 persons)
Widow Callaghan (4 persons)
Ralihand Cathy (3 persons)
John Lyons (7 persons)
William Sheahan (8 persons)
Batt Quin (6 persons)
Edmond Barry (14 persons)
Denis Connell (4 persons)
Timothy Day (7 persons)
Widow Ryan (7 persons)
John Dealy (6 persons)
John Hickey (7 persons)
Timothy Ryan (4 persons)
Edmond Cloghessy (13 persons)
Catheine Kirby (13 persons)
John Sheehan (6 persons)


*Note: Spellings as taken from the original newspaper account

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