James Cuffe: A County Mayo Evictor

On a single day in June 1846, during the proceedings of the Ballinrobe quarter sessions in county Mayo, thirty-three ejectment notices were issued. In total these ‘notices to quit’ affected more than 350 people and in some cases entire townlands. There was nothing extraordinary about the number of ejectment notices which were issued ion this occasion in Ballinrobe, … Continue reading James Cuffe: A County Mayo Evictor

What happened the Widow Corboy?

In May 1846 Michael Corboy of Cullenwaine, near Shinrone in King’s County (Offaly) was brought before the Moneygall Petty Sessions for using insulting and threatening behaviour towards a landlord . Henry Smith of Clareen, near Shinrone summoned young Corboy for insulting behaviour and having ‘curled as wattle’ over his head following the eviction of his mother, … Continue reading What happened the Widow Corboy?

Murder, mayhem and the Irish Famine

As conditions worsened during 1846 and 1847, increasingly the starving and evicted began to voice their anger in a more menacing way. As most landlords were too far removed to face the wrath of disgruntled tenants, naturally it was their agents, bailiffs, drivers and other estate workers who bore the brunt of this discontent. In … Continue reading Murder, mayhem and the Irish Famine

The demise of Marrin

No county, village or townland it seems was exempt from the visit of the so-called 'Crowbar Brigade'. These men, usually local and plied with alcohol before the commencement of their duties, were universally despised. In Monaghan the fabled 'Shirley Brigade' particularly active in the early 1850s levelling houses. As this example illustrates their activity on … Continue reading The demise of Marrin

Fr Eugene Sheehy- ‘The Land League Priest’

 Jailed in 1881 for his involvement in the Land League, Fr Eugene Sheehy often recalled the Famine years, particularly during the 1880s when scenes of eviction were once more commonplace throughout the country. Born in Broadford, county Limerick in 1841 Sheehy recalled how he had vivid memories of the 'hut tumblers' wreaking havoc on the … Continue reading Fr Eugene Sheehy- ‘The Land League Priest’

The Annaghmore Evictions, Galway 1853

The Annaghmore Evictions, 1853 In October 1853 the Freeman's Journal reported that all evicted tenants from Annaghmore, county Galway had emigrated to America.   These 33 families had been evicted in May of 1853.  Did the landlord pay them to go? Who was the landlord in question? If you have any information on these evictions please get in … Continue reading The Annaghmore Evictions, Galway 1853