Are you tweeting eviction? @famineeviction

For the benefit of those that don't tweet or indeed have missed some of the many tweets which we have sent out on @famineeviction we are going to share some through the blog. Much like the call for information which we issued in September 2016, engagement through twitter has provided very useful information which enables us to understand … Continue reading Are you tweeting eviction? @famineeviction

Irish Famine Eviction Project Update (Feb 2017)

The new year has seen the Irish Famine Eviction Project busy updating the Eviction Map (see ) which when it went live in late 2016 had almost 500 sites of eviction recorded. A revised map will shortly be in place bringing this number to close to 800. We now have over 450 subscribers to the IFEP mailchimp … Continue reading Irish Famine Eviction Project Update (Feb 2017)

Eviction from Ballyduneen, Clare

Of course the process of eviction did not end on the day a family was removed. Eviction had far reaching consequences with long-standing close communities devastated and people being scattered across the globe as a result. Alan Jones has contributed information relating to his ancestors, John Carmody and family who left Ballyduneen, County Clare for New South Wales … Continue reading Eviction from Ballyduneen, Clare

Famine evictions

We have had a great response for information relative to Famine eviction. Therese Lynch from Canberra, Australia heard about the project through her local Genealogy society's Ireland Special Interest Group and as a member of the Irish diaspora wanted to like to contribute. Here is a selection of newspaper clippings which Therese contributed, none of which were in the … Continue reading Famine evictions

Crown Eviction in Kilconcouse, Offaly in 1852

Crown Eviction in Kilconcouse, Offaly in 1852 (Courtesy of Mary Lee Dunn) Under 21-year leases let in 1829, the tenants of Kilconcouse, an 871-acre expanse in the parish of Kinnitty in County Offaly, paid their rents to the Crown fairly regularly until the Famine struck. In 1847, they asked for leniency and indulgence was bestowed … Continue reading Crown Eviction in Kilconcouse, Offaly in 1852