Eviction in county Cavan


Last week a great number of poor occupiers –between 500 and 600 person s altogether were evicted from a property under the Court of Chancery in the county of Meath, bordering on Meath. The Receiver under the court, who is a member of the House of Commons, acted on the occasion with humanity and forbearance; but, under the circumstances, he had no alternative but the performance of a most painful duty. The multitude of wretched outcasts, consisting of about 160 families, are now seeking shelter in temporary huts erected in the hedges about the neighbourhood. An application is to be made to the Lord Chancellor for a grant out of the funds in the cause, to enable the poor people to emigrate to America, and there can be no doubt that his lordship will readily adopt the humane course, if at all consistent with his duty.  [Kerry Evening Post, 15 September 1847]


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