The Annaghmore Evictions, 18531

In October 1853 the Freeman’s Journal reported that all evicted tenants from Annaghmore, county Galway had emigrated to America.   These 33 families had been evicted in May of 1853.  Did the landlord pay them to go? Who was the landlord in question? If you have any information on these evictions please get in touch @famineeviction or email


The Ballinlass Evictions of 1846 remembered in 2011

In May 2011 a commemorative stone listing the names of 61 families, a total of 270 people, who were turned out of their homes on March 13, 1846 by the local landlord Mrs Gerrard, was unveiled in Ballinlass, county Galway. Gerrard it was claimed carried out the evictions because she wanted to turn the site of the village into a grazing farm. Within a short time the press coined the phrase ‘Gerrardising’, meaning eviction.

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Eviction on the Concannon Estate, Headford

Following the eviction of 90 people from the Concannon estate in Headford, county Galway in the August 1849, the evictees were described as being:

‘gaunt and miserable… being hunted there, as wolves, by the blood hounds of the unchristian, that diabolical system which had turned many… into desert wastes and howling wilderness’ (Leinster Express, 8 Sept 1849)



The Eviction Scene at Cahertubber

“A few days ago the sheriff of the county paid a visit to the lands of Gurrane, in the neighborhood of Athenry, on the estate of a man calling himself the Honorable Col. Bermingham Sewell, and demolished the entire village of Cahertubber, leaving but two houses stranding, one of which was converted into a depot for the remnant of roofing of those that were not committed to the flames. The wretched and unhappy victims are to be found squatted upon the road side, presenting the most frightful appearance of destitution. In vain have those beings looked for compassion from the Honourable Col, although all their gardens are well cropped, and a few short weeks of bounteous Providence would have left them in a situation to discharge the trifling demands of this most Christian landlord, who liberality, generosity and hospitality are in perfect keeping with his honourable cognomen”

Cahertubber Eviction

Tuam Herald Saturday September 16 1848

‘Last week a man named Newel a bailiff in the employment of Col. Sewell, on part of his property, near Athenry, in a conflict with some of the persons named Ryan, about a thatch of an old house from once they had been ejected and which they alleged the gallant colonel gave them permission to take away, Newell was so severely injured as to cause his death in a few days after.  On Saturday last an inquest was held by Thomas Walsh Esq.,  Coroner, who committed the two Ryan (brothers) to abide their trail for manslaughter at the next assizes of the county.’

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Extermination in the West Three Hundred and Three Persons Evicted, and Forty- Nine Houses levelled!!

On the 17th September Mr John Robertston, agent to the mortgages of the Martin estates, accompanied by sixty bailiffs, proceeded to the townland of Derryrush, and evicted seven families comprising forty-two individuals. The houses were levelled on the instant without the slightest opposition being offered by the evicted. On November the 11th, the same party visited the townland of Mace and Dooreher, and evicted seventeen families, comprising one hundred persons and levelled the houses. On November the 21st, same party, proceeded to the townland of Atry and evicted seventeen families, comprising sixty-five persons and unroofed the houses. On the 22nd November, last Saturday, the same party went on the townlands of Cashel, Doonreaghran, Rossroe and Glynsk, and evicted sixteen families, comprising eighty seven human beings, and levelled their houses- Galway Vindicator. Tralee Chronicle, 15 December 1851


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