James Cuffe: A County Mayo Evictor

On a single day in June 1846, during the proceedings of the Ballinrobe quarter sessions in county Mayo, thirty-three ejectment notices were issued. In total these ‘notices to quit’ affected more than 350 people and in some cases entire townlands. There was nothing extraordinary about the number of ejectment notices which were issued ion this occasion in Ballinrobe, … Continue reading James Cuffe: A County Mayo Evictor

The Annaghmore Evictions, Galway 1853

The Annaghmore Evictions, 1853 In October 1853 the Freeman's Journal reported that all evicted tenants from Annaghmore, county Galway had emigrated to America.   These 33 families had been evicted in May of 1853.  Did the landlord pay them to go? Who was the landlord in question? If you have any information on these evictions please get in … Continue reading The Annaghmore Evictions, Galway 1853

Irish Famine Eviction Project Update (Feb 2017)

The new year has seen the Irish Famine Eviction Project busy updating the Eviction Map (see https://irishfamineeviction.com/eviction-map ) which when it went live in late 2016 had almost 500 sites of eviction recorded. A revised map will shortly be in place bringing this number to close to 800. We now have over 450 subscribers to the IFEP mailchimp … Continue reading Irish Famine Eviction Project Update (Feb 2017)


The Irish Famine Eviction Project The aim of this project is to document, where possible, evidence of eviction during the years of the Great Irish Famine. In this respect it is hoped to include details such as the physical location, landlords name, tenants names (where cited) and other relevant information in relation to the eviction. This information … Continue reading Welcome