Can you help the Irish Famine Eviction Project in Monaghan?

What of eviction in Monaghan?   In October 1849, a landlord named TP Hall evicted 21 families near Castleblayney, county Monaghan. Picture7.pngHall was not alone and as the Famine intensified evictions soared in Monaghan. In some instances such as the Templetown estate eviction often resulted in murder. In 1851 the murder of the agent Thomas Douglas Bateson (see right) was something of a cause celebre thrusting  Monaghan into the national spotlight. But what of other evictions in the County?

The Irish Famine Eviction Project has located almost 1,000 eviction sites. Use our map below to see the locations and details for each site.

Your information may hold the key to finding new eviction sites. You can contact the Irish Famine Eviction project via email or twitter below:

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